Large reusable gift label


Our reusable wooden chalkboard style gift tags have been specially designed so that they fit easily on our reusable fabric gift wraps. Thus, it is easy to thread them into the eyelet on the packaging thanks to the T-shaped ferret placed at the end of the elastic which retains the label. By opting for a rubber band rather than a cord, this makes it possible to use the labels for the identification of jars for bulk food, but also for the identification of storage baskets or sale prices for shops.

Our reusable gift tags are made of 1/8 inch thick Russian birch plywood. Large labels are 3 inches and 1/8 long by 2 inches and 1/16 wide. They have been laser cut and engraved as well as painted (2 layers) and varnished (2 layers) by hand. The paint and varnish are water-based and non-toxic. All manufacturing products have been chosen to ensure the quality and durability of the product. Having carried out several compatibility tests between the writing surface of the label and various writing mediums, here is what we suggest as mediums in order to optimize the writing result, but especially erasing which is done thanks to using a damp cloth:

1) Stabilo All watercolor pencil (ecological medium)
2) Bistro Liquid Chalk Marker (Vivid Medium)

Chalk can also be used on the writing surface of the label, but being dry erased, the pretty word you have taken care to write could disappear at the slightest touch. You may use other mediums, but do so at your own risk.

The exposure time of the writing medium on the label as well as exposure to the sun can influence the erasing quality.

*Sizes may vary slightly from product to product.
*Colors may vary slightly from what appears on screen.
*Accessories are not included.

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