Frolicking rabbits


This large reusable fabric gift bag features a pattern of frolicking bunnies and flowers and its interior finish is pale blue. It measures 16(L) x 12(W) x 5(D) inches*. It can therefore easily pack the equivalent of two shoeboxes or an adult puzzle.


1) Bag only: This option only includes the reusable fabric gift bag.
2) Bag + Tissue Paper: This option includes the reusable fabric gift bag and 3 tissue papers. If you want different colors than those shown in the first photo, please let us know.
3) Bag + Tissue paper + Label: This option includes the reusable fabric gift bag, 3 tissue papers and a large reusable wooden chalkboard style gift tag. In order to complete this magnificent set, we offer you a white watercolor pencil for free.

*Sizes may vary slightly from product to product.
*Colors may vary slightly from what appears on screen.
*Accessories are not included.

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