Frolicking rabbits


This large reusable fabric gift bag features a pattern of frolicking bunnies and flowers and its interior finish is pale blue. It measures 16(L) x 12(W) x 5(D) inches*. It can therefore easily pack the equivalent of two shoeboxes or an adult puzzle.


1) Bag only: This option only includes the reusable fabric gift bag.
2) Bag + Tissue Paper: This option includes the reusable fabric gift bag and 3 tissue papers. If you want different colors than those shown in the first photo, please let us know.
3) Bag + Tissue paper + Label: This option includes the reusable fabric gift bag, 3 tissue papers and a large reusable wooden chalkboard style gift tag. In order to complete this magnificent set, we offer you a white watercolor pencil for free.

*Sizes may vary slightly from product to product.
*Colors may vary slightly from what appears on screen.
*Accessories are not included.


Our gift bags have been thought out, developed and designed by hand in Quebec (Canada). All the manufacturing steps have been carefully thought out in order to offer you a superior quality product that will last over time. They are made of three layers of fabric, 100% quilting quality cotton (outside finish), polycotton (inside finish) and a strengthening fabric to hold everything together. Our gift bags have no visible seams and each pleat is pressed by hand. To add a touch of elegance, each bag is decorated with metal eyelets as well as satin ribbons that perfectly match the pictured design. The result is such that the gift wrapping is a gift in itself.


Several people have asked us how to use the gift bags. Here are four proposals for use:

  • Giving: You can give the gift bag with the gift, which is actually two gifts in one.
  • Keeping: You can offer the present while keeping your gift bag. However, if you choose to do so, don´t forget to forewarn the recipient.
  • Exchanging: You can invite your family and friends to invest in the purchase of eco-friendly gift bags. At each event, everyone will receive a gift bag that they can offer in turn.
  • Assigning: You can keep the gift bags for your immediate family and assign a specific reason to each member. Just like the tradition of the Christmas stocking, children big and small can only be filled with excitement when they see their gift bag under the tree.

It’s up to you to see what suits you !


Our reusable fabric gift bags are easy to care for. Ironing with steam at medium temperature setting will erase creases. If needed, they can be machine washed cold on delicate cycle and hang to dry. Once dry, ironing with steam at medium temperature setting will restore them.

To learn more about our environmental and social involvement, we invite you to read the “About” page.

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